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, not necessarily all of it, and so today, the u.s. government came into court and said we're not going to accept the -- we will not support this conditional plea. i think, you know, to get to sort of what you're trying to grapple with, here's bradley manning accepting what he's guilty for these crimes. he hasn't even gone to trial yet. i guess that would be an issue. what's important for people to know is that he is accepting the violation as a military code of justice, not the political offense, like the espionage act or computer crimes charges that he's facing. this in a way i think could be a strategy on the part of the defense to maneuver and maybe break it apart. >> cenk: that's interesting. even if you break it apart the prosecution still can pursue the big are charges right? i'm not sure i see the upside of unilaterally giving a plea where you admit to even the lesser charges. >> yeah, and i think you have a valid can certain. i have that concern myself as somebody who has been following this all along. the question is what can you gain. i guess it's just this conventional wisdom that you
2006 the u.s. enter prize in iraq collapsed and it was over with. bush and the people around him werey -- were determined not to go down in flames and petraeus went to the prime minister and said we have to take the weapons away from the militia and said it's not the shiites that are the problem it's the sunnis. as soon as he started disarming them the shiite militia came in and killed them and chased them away. let's call it troop escalation rather thanna a surge, that was a propaganda term. one of the things that was happening is the mixed neighborhoods in baghdad were becoming will solidly shiite and that tosm -- tamped down the violence because they were going in and when they weren't mixed any more the killing stopped. >> hundreds of thousands of iraqis dead not all because of the general, but a surge he got credit for. that's seen as a positive in his faire favor. the that's -- in his favor. he sleeps with the wrong person and there is a federal case. there is something wrong with this country and our media cov
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)